Project study

In GALLIS Lighting there is a complete functioning lighting research section.
Our qualified executives working on lighting research for high standard architectural applications.
From the smallest to the biggest study, designs are examined and both experience and knowledge
are exploited to the benefit of credibility of the project. In the section of lighting studies of the
company well qualified staff are occupied.
The executives of Gallis Lighting cooperate with each other and help the client providing him with
knowledge and complete solutions.
Day by day a rich technical knowledge is gathered and is transfered to technical support in
theoretical and practical level.

In GALLIS Lighting in the section of lighting studies a specialised software of high technology is
being used. The staff of the company has in its possession the appropriate hardware for the support
of designing and proving the study results.
GALLIS  s.a has invested in special programmes analyzing the lighting problems deriving knowledge
and experience from its international cooperations so that the photometric study, can offer
completed and precise economical applications.
The studies of the company are renewed and re-adapted on the basis of the latest international
developments. In the centre of professional lighting the flow of information in technical and
aesthetic developments is continual.

The department of studies of our company is always ready to serve you with the most modern
programs of study of lighting.
You can inquiry a project via the form below, furthermore you can also upload Autocad files of the
space in order to do a study .

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For any other question you telephone in the +30 2104833888 in order to you speak with some person in charge from the department project.