After a very successful course in the construction and application of luminaires.

GALLIS SA has acquired accumulated and specialized knowledge regarding the appropriate way of lighting each construction, no matter how simple or demanding it is. We have taken care to have at your disposal highly trained and specialized staff, suitable to study your space in detail and to guide you to the most appropriate lighting you need for each case. Indicatively, we provide you with the following 2 design lighting packages and we are always at your disposal to adapt our knowledge to your needs.

Basic Lighting Proposal

At this stage the basic idea of lighting is presented in a floor plan that depicts the proposed locations and the type of lighting fixtures.

Lighting Design

The exact positions of the luminaires, transformers and any other relevant equipment are presented in a floor plan of the space given to us in a dwg file. All the necessary information for the installation of the luminaires such as the heights at which the luminaires are placed and the cutting holes are also listed.
• Issue with a description of all luminaires and their technical specifications.
• Construction details and installation instructions where necessary.
• Detailed photometric calculations according to the standards and lighting needs of each space (indoor or outdoor) that verify the desired design of the study as well as the performance of the luminaires.